The Journey of Issa Begins...

August 16, 2004, The Rosette

November 24, 2004, Selecting the wood for the top.

January 12, 2005, a preview of the meander...

January 26 2005, a preview of the herringbone inlay.

February 2, 2005, gluing up the back.

February 11 2005, a new development.

February 16 2005, the Meander inlay begins to take shape.

March 1 2005, some views of the head, a new rosette design, and a guitar case.

March 3 2005 Gluing up the head

November 1 2005 The rosette is now in place and is BEAUTIFUL!!!

November 8 2005 Tornavoz!

December 14 2005 The story of Issa...

January 4 2006 The construction of the hand made herringbone inlay. Some truly amazing craftsmanship.

February 13 2006 Some truly amazing pictures.

March 4 2006 Joshua's quality standards become evident.

April 4 2006 Some of the final pictures, this is a truly beautiful guitar.

April 8, 2006 Strung up and looking amazing.

April 13 2006 Some closeups of the bridge and butt.

La Sombra

Jun Nanako's replica of a famous Antonio Torres guitar from the past.