Grandmaster Fu Leung is the founder of the Bak Shaolin Ying Jow Wushu Pai International. One of the very first traditional Chinese masters to teach Chinese martial arts to westerners, he has been working nonstop for 25 years to help disseminate and promote the vast encyclopaedic knowledge that he has acquired to the world at large. He is solely responsible for creating the environment and instructors for each and every worldwide branch of the Bak Shaolin Eagle Claw Institute. He has mastered almost every form of Chinese martial art that exists, and knows thousands of techniques. Even the oldest among his students has acquired only a small percentage of the knowledge that he posesses. He is one of the truly great masters of all time, constantly evolving and perfecting all that he lays his hand to, and is an incalculable and irreplaceable resource for the martial arts world.

Great Grandmaster Fu Leung