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1) Step to gung bu, punch with fist opposite to leading foot, punch again with opposite fist while sliding trailing foot forward.

2) Circle block starting low, covering groin to face and punch, ending with fist vertical.

3) Block down from face area to midsection area, palm down and punch with palm of fist facing up.

4) Step to high horse, block outside to inside, slice and clear forearm of blocking hand with opposite hand, palm out.Simultaneously deliver side hammerfist strike while dropping to low ma bu while slicing hand positions itself to guard head.

5) Step forward with leading foot, raise trailing foot from floor and bring knee to waist height, foot close to inside of other knee while simultaneously leaning out and striking with sun fist and bringing other hand to armpit area of punching hand for guard.

6) Rotate leading hand into a fistfist from inside and bring down to waist in circular block, simultaneously raising knee on the same side up to waist level, step to gung bu and punch.

7) Step to gung bu, block up and down simultaneously three times, wrapping arm around midsection and impacting kidney area on the downward blocks, then step into horse and backhand strike with whichever fist is at waist while bringing the other fist into the waist at ready position.

8) Vertical reverse Buddha palm block whith hand closest to the inside moving from lower area to block forehead and punch.

9) Sliding punch triangle steps.