by Gerald L. Hunsucker - Owner

Not all of these testimonials have anything to do with website development, in fact most of them have to do with what I believe to be much more important, who I am and what I'm all about. What kind of person you will be dealing with and what you can expect. So here you will find letters of recommendation from past and recent associates, organizations, and employers attesting to the qualities I bring to the table as a person.

I thought it might lend more credibility to scan the hardcopies I have, so those will open in a new window. More recent ones that have been delivered electronically will have contact information included.

  • Tammy Latimer - "As someone relatively new to web pages, I am very grateful for Jerry's help. He is extremely knowledgeable and explains things thoroughly. He has seemingly unwavering patience, and always makes sure I am satisfied completely. When I couldn't come up with a design for my web banner, he created one that was both beautiful and meaningful to my web content. He does marvelous work at a more than reasonable price, and his eagerness to please his customers is something rarely found. Thank you for all your work Jerry!"

  • Paul Marché - "I'm writing to tell you how pleased I am with our website, Your banner design, page layout and shopping cart expertise are priceless. In fact, the cost was so reasonable, it was just about "price less" for us to do business with you. The real compliment to you is something that is sought after on a daily basis by any legitimate business, and that is customer service. It's been almost 3 years since I've met you and I have to say that in 21 years of running my own businesses, I've never had someone who would go the extra mile the way you do. The genuine pride you take in what you do is a model for any business. If you could package and teach that to your customers, you'd have a million dollar market at your feet. Your commitment to excellence is well appreciated and your friendship is valued greatly.
    All the Best,
    Paul Marché"

  • Dan Alvarez - "It’s exciting to work with, in today's business world, a person like Jerry Hunsucker. He actually cares about his customers and it shows in many ways. Jerry is a true professional, whose follow - through on any given project is quick and thorough. Whether it be designing a web site, a graphic layout, or assisting a client on a computer technical issue, his expertise is second to none, and I, for one, am thankful, because I have been the recipient of his knowledge & talents on many occasions. In closing, the best testimonial I can give is...
    Jerry, Just Gets It Done!"

  • Tommy Tinajero - Former supervisor at Technical Imaging Services, later co-owner of Data Abstract Solutions

  • Larry Kauffman - Former owner of Technical Imaging Services

  • Simon Wray - My instructor in Traditional Chinese Martial Arts

  • Seminole Heights Recreation Center, Tampa, FL

  • Tampa Public Library, Tampa, FL

  • Klamath Mental Health Center, Klamath Falls, OR

Mission Statement

by Gerald L. Hunsucker - Owner

Our mission at Sunflower Multimedia is simple, to provide you with the best product at a fair price in a timely manner, and to give you the very best customer service experience in the industry. We welcome any opportunity to earn your trust, your respect, and your business.

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